Animals in Vehicles

About 75% of all dog owners prefer to go on holiday with the vehicle.
Wet fur, dirty paws no wonder that the cleanliness and hygiene in the car suffers.
This quickly manifests in bad smell of the vehicle. This is why people often try to cover up the smells with fragrance trees or car perfume.

Which usually makes things worse. As just explained, unpleasant odours and germs develop in the vehicle due to the transport of pets.
Which are particularly noticeable in wet weather. The odours produced here come from bacteria and fungi.
These germs nest in the carpets and cushions. Over time, a real biotope emerges.
This can endanger our immune system that of our loved ones and our pets.

Through the use of carbioclean in our specially developed process by specialist companies, 99. 999% of all viruses, bacteria and fungi are destroyed.
As a result, all harmful germs are destroyed and a positive odour change in the vehicle is also noticeable with the treatment.