Our most treasured subject or a mere commodity Its a fact that the interior is often used and less often cleaned

Vehicles are used in all kinds of situations, which means that a contamination with viruses, bacteria, germs and fungi is hardly avoidable.


Not only in times of the Corona pandemic is it necessary to have your vehicle disinfected at regular intervals.
Is there a risk of infection from contaminated surfaces in the car?
Studies by the Universities of Greifswald and Bochum have shown that older strains of corona virus remain infectious on surfaces for several days, sometimes for more than a week.

COVID-19: Viruses can remain infectious on surfaces for several days! You can read about this on the websites of the Robert Koch Institute and the BfR Federal Institute for Risk Assessment

The individual value of a vehicle is different for each person, for some it is their favourite child, for others it is a commodity.
But it is a fact that we spend a lot of time in vehicles, and some of us cover long distances.

Constant use cannot prevent the vehicles from becoming contaminated.
In the event of contamination by bacteria and fungi, an odour change is noticeable in the vehicle.
This is not the case with contamination by viruses.

In addition, many germs are also formed in the air conditioning system.
These are usually not completely eliminated when the filters are replaced.
All in all, we always have a source of danger in the vehicles because over 98. 4% of all vehicles are contaminated with bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Our immune system is weakened by the germ load in the vehicle, making us more susceptible to illness.

With CARBIOCLEAN by BESTBIOCLEAN, special processes and holistic concepts have been developed to enable professionals to completely rid vehicles of all viruses, bacteria and fungi.
The advantages are obvious. A disinfected vehicle helps to keep you and your body healthy. In addition, all unpleasant odours are removed by the disinfection.
This creates a comfortable climate and the value of your vehicle increases.

We have below in the individual points, exactly explained how the germ contamination in your vehicle comes about.
These are substantiated by studies conducted by international universities.

Challenges in vehicles

Daily use

Steering wheel

Eating in the vehicle

Cigarettes in a car

Animals in the vehicles

Air – Conditioning