Cigarettes in Vehicles

The cold smoke settles everywhere in the vehicle.
From some places like windows and dashboard you can still easily remove it.
With the carpets and the vehicle headliner and as well as the seats, however, it is much more difficult. For non-smokers but also for many smokers cold smoke is a very unpleasant smell.

Another important factor is the loss of value that the car experiences as a result.
Markus Herrmann from the German Association of Vehicle Reprocessing explains: The loss in value averages 1,500 euros.
A scent tree and superficial cleaning of the glass and plastic parts is not enough to eliminate the smoke smell”;.
So at the latest when the vehicle is sold, complications can arise because smoking vehicles are harder to sell.

Who wants to be on the road in a mobile pub?

By using Carbioclean in our specially developed process by specialist companies, 99. 999% of all viruses, bacteria, fungi and cold smoke are destroyed.
This not only destroys all health-endangering germs and with the treatment, a positive odour change in the vehicle can be noticed immediately.

A research of the University of California:
Nicotine can stick to such surfaces for several months and react with nitrogen compounds from the air, forming numerous carcinogenic substances (nitrosamines). This is the result of a study by researchers at the University of California. In some cases, new carcinogenic substances are even formed which are not yet contained in the main and side stream of a burning cigarette. So the unwanted smell in the car will soon be a thing of the past. "

Source: Pulmonary physicians in the network